Fauci said there will likely be a need for an 'additional boost' of COVID-19 vaccine 'sooner or later'

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated Sunday that a COVID-19 booster will probably be required at some point in time. Fauci stated that he supports a third shot of vaccines for people suffering from weakened immune systems. He said that all Americans, especially the elderly, would likely need another shot in the future. Insider Healthcare: Get the latest news and analysis in healthcare Loading Click to sign up for marketing emails from Insider and other partners. You also agree to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Dr. Anthony Fauci is the long-serving director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He stated Sunday that it was likely that a COVID-19 booster shot would be needed in the near future. Fauci made the remarks during a Sunday appearance on NBC's Meet the Press. Fauci said that he supports immunocompromised patients, such as those who are undergoing chemotherapy and people who have had organ transplants. He also stated that he believes the third dose of vaccine should be given "as soon possible." According to The Washington Post, the US Food and Drug Administration will review data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This data supports additional vaccine doses for people with weak immune systems. According to the report FDA officials may revise emergency authorizations for coronavirus vaccines in order to add additional doses for immunocompromised patients. Meet the Press (@MeetThePress), August 8, 2021 Fauci said that vaccines tend to become less effective over time and will be needed for others, particularly the elderly. Fauci, senior advisor to President Joe Biden, stated that "there's no doubt" that protection will decrease over time. Fauci stated that Pfizer data showed that the vaccine's efficacy rate dropped from the 90s to the mid-80s after vaccination. He stated that although Moderna's latest data shows that it isn’t actually going down, everyone assumes (and I think right) that sooner or later there will be an attenuation that will require you to give a boost. Fauci said that the booster shot will be given first to elderly patients, before being made more widely available. He made these comments as the US celebrated a landmark Saturday, with more than 50% of its population being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 amid an increase in the spread of the more contagious Delta variant. Fauci reiterated Sunday that vaccines are effective in preventing serious illness or death, even when there is breakthrough infection. He also said that unvaccinated Americans are fueling the current surge in the disease. He said, "It's an epidemic and an outbreak among unvaccinated." "If you have been vaccinated, you are well protected from getting infected."