Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony (Photos): Japan Says Goodbye To Games With Ska And Fireworks As Paris Takes Over For 2024

ToplineOfficially, the Tokyo Olympics came to an end Sunday with the closing ceremony of the Summer Games. The Japanese hosts concluded the Games with music performances and projections before handing over the Olympic flag to France in preparation for the Paris 2024 Games.During the Closing Ceremony at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, fireworks erupted above the stadium. Getty ImagesThe Key FactsThe closing ceremony, unlike the opening ceremony, which saw entire nations' athlete delegations march into the Olympic Stadium, featured flag bearers representing each nation. Kara Winger, a javelin thrower, represented the U.S. The Japanese hosts performed musical performances during the closing ceremonies. This was in contrast to the opening ceremony where entire nations were paraded into the Olympic Stadium. Kara Winger, the U.S. javelin thrower, represented the United States. The final medal ceremonies for the Games were also held, including those for women and men who ran marathons. Before the ceremony, Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor, received the Olympic flag. The ceremony then moved to France where the French Air Forces Patrouille de France flew fighter planes around Eiffel Tower, spewing red, white, and smoke. French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the Games were over. A sign in the lights read Arigato which is the Japanese word for thanks.Important QuoteThomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, declared that the 32nd Olympiad games are now closed. We will see you in Paris.Surprising FactCNN reports that France was supposed to release the largest flag to ever fly from the Eiffel Tower during the Paris handover celebrations. However, weather problems prevented the plan from happening.Important BackgroundThe 2020 Olympics were closed with a ceremony that marked the end of the controversial event. It was held after a yearlong delay, despite widespread opposition from Japan regarding the Games' progress amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Games went as planned, with strict safety protocols and virtually no spectators. However, some athletes had to withdraw from the Games after positive Covid-19 test results. The United States took home the most medals. They won 113 medals, including 39 golds. Meanwhile, the Japanese Olympic team received 58 medals at home. This placed them fifth among the 94 countries that were awarded medals.What to WatchNext, the Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo between August 24 and September 5, while Paris 2024 Olympics will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024.As the Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony was over, a sign reading "Arigato” marks the departure of the Olympic... [+] Stadion. Getty ImagesThe Olympic Stadium's closing ceremony sees athletes arrive. ASSOCIATED PRSTeam USA members pose during the Closing Ceremony at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Getty ImagesThe French 'Patrouille de France" fly above the Trocadero in Paris, just before the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on August 8, during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games' closing ceremony. AFP via Getty ImagesDuring the closing ceremony for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, fireworks light up the National Stadium. ASSOCIATED PRSThe closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of the 2020 Summer Olympics saw dancers performing. ASSOCIATED PRNSDuring a moment for remembrance at the Tokyo... [+] Olympics closing ceremony, a performer holds a lantern. ASSOCIATED PRSThe Closing Ceremony at the Tokyo... [+] 2020 Olympic Games sees the flag bearers from the participating nations entering the stadium. Getty ImagesThe Closing Ceremony at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games sees the Olympic flame go out. Getty Images