A New Jersey man is facing charges after his UPS coworkers told the FBI he 'gloated' and showed them videos of his time at the Capitol riot

After his colleagues exposed his involvement in the Capitol riot, Donald Smith was arrested by the FBI.According to his coworkers, he "gloated” about being able to enter the office of Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker.At least 605 people have been arrested in connection to the Capitol riot.Loading something is loading. Click Sign up to receive marketing emails and other offers from Insider.According to charges filed by the Department of Justice, a New Jersey man was taken into custody after UPS employees tipped off FBI about his involvement in the Capitol Riot.The DOJ claimed that Donald Smith "gloated” to his coworkers after the Capitol riot. He showed them videos of his participation and bragging about it at work.On July 28, the FBI brought up a number of charges against Smith, including knowingly entering or remaining within a restricted structure without authority, disorderly or disruptive conduct in restricted buildings, violent entry and disorderly behavior on Capitol grounds, parading, demonstration or picketing inside a Capitol building.Two of his coworkers confirmed to the FBI Smith had not been at work on the morning of the riot, January 6. According to the DOJ, Smith told one of his coworkers that it was the most memorable day in his life. According to the DOJ, he claimed that he told another coworker "he had a great day" and was among those who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office.Five people were killed in the Capitol riot, including one officer. At least 605 people have been arrested in connection to the riot so far.Despite the fact that Democrat Joe Biden won the election, former President Donald Trump encouraged organizers to protest the 2020 election results with him. As members of Congress were gathered inside the Capitol to verify the results, Biden's presidency was confirmed, Trump supporters attempted a coup and stormed it.CNN reported that FBI affidavits were obtained from court documents and FBI affidavits showed that insurrectionists tried to delete social media posts and photos proving their participation at the Capitol riot. CNN reported that some insurrectionists broke their phones and scrubbed their social media accounts. They also tried to erase hard drives that could contain photos or other evidence of their involvement.Others have also boasted about their involvement, making them easier to be caught and charged by the FBI.