How virtual reality will change trading for pros and everyone else

Many virtual reality (VR), companies have been encouraged to try new trading methods because of the boom in work-from-home.Although platforms are quickly evolving, many firms are now in a position where they can sell the technology.Glimpse Group, a company that acts as an umbrella for several VR businesses, has real-world applications. The company was listed last month. It currently has eight VR businesses in its portfolio, including entertainment, telehealth and learning programs for schools.The company D6 VR is also focusing on stock trading. Andy Maggio, a former Morgan Stanley analyst, created it. He told CNBC that VR was the most transformative technology he has ever seen. Although Maggio acknowledges that the technology is not yet ready for prime time, he claims the technology's quality is improving rapidly. He said that the resolution is now twice as high as it was five-years ago. The hardware is improving very rapidly, and is lighter and more user-friendly.Although several financial institutions have tried the technology, none of them are planning to close down their trading floors any time soon.Lyron Bentovim, a former hedge fund manager and Glimpse Group CEO, isn't surprised at the speed. He said that Wall Street is slow to adapt but that this is the future trading.Bentovim argues that trader have six to eight screens in a given space. He said, "You're limited." VR will allow you to interact with multiple screens and layer data upon data. He said that he could see a trader looking at multiple trends and then immersing himself in the data, without any physical limitations.Glimpse Group is trying to establish itself in this space. However, it's not the only one. FlexTrade, a British company that creates software for financial institutions, presented its first VR program to traders at a 2017 conference.Andy Mahoney, Managing Director, stated that traders don't have enough desk space. "We can do more than a keyboard, screen, and mouse," said Andy Mahoney.