R.I.P. Trevor Moore, co-founder of The Whitest Kids U' Know

Trevor Moore has died. Moore was the co-founder and head writer of The Whitest Kids U Knowand's sketch comedy troupe. He helped to pioneer the new world of online comedy. According to Variety, Moore died last night from an accident. Moore was 41 years old.AdvertisementMoore was born in New Jersey and began his career in entertainment as a host of The Trevor Moore Show, a public access television show that he hosted when he was just ten years old. The trio met Sam Brown and Zach Cregger at New York's School Of Visual Arts and formed The Whitest Kids U Know, a college comedy group. They eventually added Timmy Williams to the roster. After winning Best Sketch Group at HBOs U.S., the troupe was awarded the Best Comedy Group award. Comedy Arts Festival 2006 became a TV deal. The Whitest Kids U Know at Fuse was eventually signed after concern that the show's content might be too extreme. It aired for five seasons on both networks. The series delved deep into absurdist sketch comedy and produced some of the first viral sketches to hit the internet. Moore and Cregger also directed and starred in Miss March, a Playboy-themed comedy movie.Moore worked as a producer and writer in comedy after the Kids series ended. He was often associated with Comedy Central which produced specials High In Church, Trev-A-Thon and The Story Of Our Times. Moore performs a long ballad in which he attempts to link mythological grandeur with the rise of Kim Kardashian. Moore also ventured into children's entertainment, creating two seriesWalk The Prank and the improvisational Just Roll with Itfor Disney.Moore recently produced and starred briefly in The Trevor Moore Show, an absurdist talk show, for Comedy Central. Moore continued to collaborate with The Whitest Kids U Know members, streaming with a variety regular shows on Twitch. Cregger and Brown released a statement today about his passing: