Video of Officer's Collapse After Handling Powder Draws Skepticism

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department posted a dramatic video that shows a trainee collapse while investigating a substance that he thought was fentanyl. Experts in addiction and medical medicine were skeptical.The Sheriff's Department released the video on Thursday to show the dangers of Fentanyl. It shows body camera footage showing Deputy David Faiivae (32), collapsing in an area on July 3, shortly after he handled a white powder believed to be cocaine or fentanyl.Cpl. Scott Crane gave Deputy Faiivae Narcan nasal sprays containing naloxone. This drug is used to treat opioid overdose. Deputy Faiivae did not react to Narcan. He was taken to hospital by emergency medical personnel and later fully recovered.This video was created by the San Diego Sheriff to raise awareness about increasing rates of fentanyl-related overdoses in the county and across the country. Medical experts say it is impossible to become addicted to fentanyl through mere exposure. They also suggest that misinformation regarding contact highs will not help to curb the opioid crisis.