Woman sues McDonald's after complaining that a cheeseburger advert was so irresistible it caused her to break her fast during Lent

According to the Russian woman, she found a burger advertisement too tempting. APAccording to reports, a McDonald's advertisement was the reason a woman broke her fast.Ksenia Ovchinnikova stated that she hadn't had meat for a month before the ad convinced her to eat it.Fox News reported that the Russian seeks $14 in compensation for moral damage sustained.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.According to reports, a woman from Omsk (Russia) is suing McDonald's for an ad featuring chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers. She claims that it caused her to stop eating fasting during Lent.Ksenia Ovchinnikova is an Orthodox Christian who stated that she tried to avoid meat and other animal products for six weeks leading up to Easter 2019. Multiple reports have confirmed this statement.Russian state media first reported the case. Fox News picked it up, reporting that she had abstained for a month from meat consumption until the McDonald's advertisement enticed her to eat.Lent is a time when many Christians who are devout follow a strict diet for the whole season. They will not eat meat, poultry, or dairy."When I saw an advertisement banner, I couldn't help but to buy a cheeseburger." According to her statement, she visited McDonald's and purchased a cheeseburger.Fox News reported Ovchinnikov claiming that McDonald's violated consumer protection laws and insulted her religious beliefs. As compensation for moral harm sustained, she is suing McDonald's at $14 (1 000 rubles).Insider's request to McDonald's for comment was not immediately answered by the restaurant.Fox News reports that Ovchinnikov stated in the lawsuit that he saw a violation of the Consumer Protection Law by McDonald's. I request the court to investigate the matter and, if there is a violation, to order McDonald's LLC for me to be compensated for moral damages in the amount 1 000 rubles.McDonald's is not the only McDonald's to be sued in an ad-related case. Two divisions of Allen Media Group sued McDonald's fast-food chain over racial discrimination allegations in May.The complaint claimed that McDonald's refused to advertise on Entertainment Studios networks and The Weather Channel because of racial stereotyping.Business Insider has the original article.