How Jungle Cruise Producers Built a Cinematic World

Jungle Cruise's $90 opening weekend set the bar for movie-to-theme park rides.AdvertisementForbes spoke to John Davis and John Fox, producers of John Fox's film Jungle Cruise, about how they made it a theatre-ready story for all ages.Fox says that we went back to the source of the ride's inspiration, The African Queen. We then built it from there. Although we have not seen the original film, I believe it to be a modern high-concept approach. This is very different from what was being done. We wanted to create something classic but also nostalgic. We were inspired by movies like Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. We hope the audience understands what we are trying to do.They are not limited to other movies as their inspirations. Forbes hears from Davis about Jerry Bruckheimers' contribution to the Jungle Cruise story. We wanted to make it a blockbuster event. He states that we wanted it to be bigger than life and have a newness. We were captivated by Jerry Bruckheimer's Pirates. It was great and a great ride. It was nostalgic but also put your characters into great danger to perform a period piece.He explains why Emily Blunt was so important to the film's sense of adventure. It was an adventure. Emily is an adventurer, which is her character. It was fun to come up with this character because she is a female Indiana Jones. She is what women of that time and age were not allowed to be, and she explores the world.What other rides from theme parks could be made into movies? We want to hear your ideas!Follow us on Instagram @io9dotcom for more information