Box Office: 'Jungle Cruise' Plunges 67% On Friday As 'Black Widow' Tops 'F9'

Jungle Cruise DisneyNicolas Cage's live-action star vehicle, Neons Pig, will soon surpass six years.Holdover news: Walt Disney's Jungle Cruise earned $4.468 Million (-67%) on Friday. This set the stage for a $14.6million (-58%) second weekend gross. Dwayne and Emily Blunt's $200 million (!!) will be boosted by this. The adventure comedy earned $64.4 million in ten-days, which means that the $100 million mark is not possible. After a modest $34 million debut, which was lower than expected in pre-Covid, but on par with Jumanji, Central Intelligence, and Rampage, the hope was that it would gain legs on par to Raya and The Last Dragon ($55m from an $8.5m launch) or Cruella ($85m from a Fri-Mon debut of $26.5 million). It's playing like a regular theatrical release, just like Black Widow.Scarlett Johansson, "Black Widow" Walt Disney and MarvelScarlett Johanssons Black Widow, the year's biggest domestic earner, passed F9 earlier in this week. It earned $1.176 million (-44%) on Friday, which is a probable $3.6 million (-45%), for a domestic cume of $174 million. Although it may not surpass the $204 million domestic cume that Bad Boys for Life had in January 2020, it is still performing better than any B-level MCU film (think Ant-Man or Thor: The Dark World) when it opened in normal times. The real problem is in the overseas numbers. This includes the lack of a China release. You can worry about the fate the MCU if you see similar grossing films like Spider-Man 2: No Way Home or Thor 3: Love & Thunder.From left: Prisca, Maddox (Thomasin Kenzie), Guy (Gael Garca Bernal), and Trent (Luca Faustino Rodriguez). This was written and directed in Old by M. Night Shyamalan. UniversalM. Night Shyamalans Old made $1.2 million more (-44%) its third Friday, for a probable $3.82 million (-44%%) third weekend and $38.2million 17-day total. The film will likely end up with $45 million domestic, which is obviously very low for Shyamalan. However, it still nearly triples the $18 million budget, even with the so-far good overseas numbers. Despite all the wrangling about blockbuster failures, many horror films (Old and Forever Purge), Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it, A Quiet Place Part II, and Conjuring, The Devil Made Me Do it) have done well enough to justify their small budgets. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions may not be a huge success ($22 million in 24 hours), but it is a $15 million movie that will be discovered in post-theatrical.Dev Patel, The Green Knight A24Focus Features Stillwater made $770,000 (-59%) its second Friday, for a probable $2.4 million (-54%%) weekend-grosss and $9.54million ten-day total. While I enjoyed the film, Matt Damon is rarely a big draw for audiences outside of franchises like Oceans and Bourne. Super-bozzy commercial flicks such as The Martian. David Lowery's The Green Knight earned $720,000 on Friday (-75%) for a probable $2.31million (-66%) second weekend gross. This is not surprising considering the film's cult-classic cachet and divisive word of mouth from people who don't know what to expect from A24 films. In these circumstances, $11.9million in ten days isn't bad for an indie gem.Picture of Lola Bunny and LeBron James in "Space Jam: A New Legacy" Courtesy Warner Bros.Space Jam: A New Legacy made $670,000 (-50%) Friday, for a probable $2.13 million (-51%) fourth-weekend gross of $64.2 million and $64.2 million 24-day cumulative. It was clear that it took a hit from Covid but it was almost certain it would struggle even in better circumstances. Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins ($430,000 Friday, $1.46 Million for the weekend, and $25.9M after 17 days) was a horrible idea. F9 made $320,000 (-58%) on its seventh Friday, for a probable $1.11 million (-58%%) weekend gross and a total of $171 million. It will surpass Hobbs & Shaw ($174million) by the end and it will be the fastest Fast & Furious sequel, not counting spin-offs, since 2 Fast 2 Furious.Nicolas Cage in 'Pig' NEONBoss Baby: Family Business will be worth $55 million tomorrow, while The Forever Purge will earn $43.7 million domestically on a budget of $25 million. A Quiet Place part 2 is expected to reach $160 million. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It will earn $65 million domestically. This is enough to bring The Conjuring Universe's global cume to $2 billion. Roadrunner will earn $4.95 million tomorrow. This is about the same amount it would have earned in normal times. Nicolas Cages Pig will earn $2.9 million domestically after just 24 days. After its debut on PVOD earlier in the week, the film is Cages' best-reviewed movie. It will soon become his highest-grossing live action star vehicle since Outcast ($5.1million) in 2015.