Microsoft Edge's 'Super Duper Secure Mode' Does What It Says

Apple announced this week a surprise announcement that was both surprising and controversial. Apple will scan both iCloud devices and users' devices for child sex abuse material. The company uses clever cryptography to accomplish this, but it will not be able view images from a user's iPhone, iPad or Mac unless it finds multiple instances of CSAM. However, some cryptographers raised concerns about how this technology could be used in future, particularly by authoritarian governments.Black Hat's security conference was also launched this week, meaning hackers abound. Google researchers discovered eavesdropping flaws in several messaging apps. They're all now fixed, but the issue is evident with certain types of video calls. Many of the pneumatic tubes in US hospitals are susceptible to attack. This could lead to chaos and delays. Although a fix was released this week, it is likely that there will be many questions about who installed them and when. We spoke to one hacker, who said he was able to control fans and lights in a Japanese capsule hotel. He then used this knowledge to terrorize a neighboring guest.We looked at the French regulators' efforts to improve privacy and Google search results. We created a primer about RCS, the texting standard which will make your life easier once all players are onboard. We also tried Citizen's new app, which charges $20 per month for personal security.There's more! Every week, we bring you all the security news WIRED hasn't covered in depth. To read the complete stories, click on the headlines. Stay safe out there.There have never been more options for privacy-focused browsers, especially with all the new anti-tracking features Apple Safari recently added. Microsoft's new Super Duper Secure Mode is a great choice for secure browsing. It disables JIT (also known as JIT) in Edge's V8 jаvascript. This is the primary adjustment. JIT is a useful tool to keep things moving quickly but is also responsible for a large number of browser-related vulnerabilities. Microsoft can disable JIT to implement security features that are not compatible with JIT. Although it is not yet clear if Microsoft will make Super Duper Secure Mode an official feature of Edge, you can still test it if you are on a beta build or dev version.It's unlikely that you have ever had your Facebook account compromised or been placed in a situation where you required assistance from a Facebook representative. It is almost impossible. Some frustrated victims resort to extreme measures to gain access to their News Feeds. They purchase an Oculus Quest 2 for $300 and then go through the company's customer service system. Oculus is owned by Facebook, and it requires that you have a Facebook account in order to use the hardware. This workaround worked for some people. The main takeaway is that you shouldn't find it difficult to get some help if things go wrong with your account.Motherboard reported this week that Instagram scammers are making a lot of money by getting accounts removed. They use tricks such as filing false impersonation claims and reporting fraudulently that they violate the self-harm policies. It can cost as low as $60 to ban someone. Although it doesn't seem like there is a great plan to stop this type of chaos, Instagram said that it is looking into the websites involved.This week, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative. It is a collaboration between CISA and tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google. This collaboration will increase information sharing between government and private sectors to better combat ransomware attacks. While every bit helps, ransomware will continue to be a problem until Vladimir Putin cracks down on Russian groups. This seems unlikely.Here are more great WIRED stories