Olympic Rugby Players Ordered into Alcohol Counselling After Vomiting Across Plane Seats On Flight Home

It has been reported that Australian Olympians who participated in the Rugby Sevens and Soccer teams, drunkenly vomited on several seats and made a mess of a lavatory during a nine-hour flight between Tokyo Haneda airport and Sydney. This was after they returned from the Tokyo Olympics.After failing to show remorse, some rugby players were ordered to attend alcohol abuse counseling sessions. They also anonymously defended their actions on the Japan Airlines flight. The treatment of cabin crew members angered them.Rugby Australia stated last week that it was investigating reports about raucous behavior among its team members on its flight home. The behaviour was described by Matt Carroll, chief executive of the Australian Olympic Committee, as unacceptable and disappointing.One player of the Rugby Sevens team said anonymously to Australian media: Who cares what f***ing threw up! It's not World War III. Another player said: People can be sick. That is what sick bags are for. If someone is sick, it wouldn't be the first time. Who cares?After drunken antics that included singing and loud chanting got out of control, flight attendants decided to stop serving alcohol. However, passengers bombarded them with alcohol-sucking threats.Japan Airlines was so offended by some of the behavior of passengers onboard that it filed a formal complaint with the Australian Olympic Committee.Some players will need to go through alcohol abuse counseling, but one member of team says it wasn't the rugby or football players that caused the chaos. There were 49 athletes representing nine sports on board the flight.According to an Australian newspaper, the vomit wasn't anywhere near our seating plan. Another source claimed that although we were a mess on the field, we could still hold our alcohol.After holes were punched into the walls of multiple bedrooms, the Australian Olympic delegation had to apologize for their drunken antics. Cleaners were also left with vomit to clean up.Japan Airlines has placed new conditions on all Australian Olympic athletes traveling on its flights. Air New Zealand was also forced to discipline Kiwi athletes for their unacceptable behavior on return flights from Tokyo.Photo credit: Markus Mainka/Shutterstock.com