The Best Sun Protection Clothes for Everyday Wear (2021)

The sun is a laser that can cause skin damage. This is part of life on Earth. Most people don't do enough to protect themselves. You should apply sunscreen daily, even when it is overcast. You should also seek shade as often as possible. However, it is not a great way to spend your time at the park with your friends or at the beach.Sun-protective clothing is a great option. While most people think of sun protection only in the summer, I have a severe allergy to ultraviolet light. My skin will tell me if a shirt, glove, or sleeve claims it has a higher level of protection than it actually does. It is safe to say that UPF clothing is something I wear every day. These are my top sun-protective clothing for everyday wear after weeks of testing (and so many rashes).Gear readers get a $5 discount on a 1-year WIRED subscription ($25). You will have unlimited access to as well as our print magazine (if desired). Subscribers help us fund our daily work.