Jon Lindbergh, Aviator's Son Who Took to the Sea, Dies at 88

Jon Lindbergh, a renowned deep-sea diver, and an underwater demolition expert, who was the son of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, died July 29 at his Lewisburg, W.Va. home. He was 88.Kristina Lindbergh, his daughter, said that the cause was metastatic kidney cancer.One of the first aquanauts in the world was Mr. Lindbergh. He explored the ocean depths and pioneered cave diving. He also participated in daring underwater rescue missions including one to recover a hydrogen bomb from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast Spain in 1966.His DNA was filled with the desire to explore. His father was the pilot of the first nonstop trans-Atlantic solo flight. This feat made him the most famous person in the world. Anne Morrow Lindbergh Lindbergh, Colonel Lindbergh's wife and a writer, was the first American woman to obtain a glider pilots licence. They were iconic symbols of American hard work and perseverance.Their prominence made them the target of curious seekers, paparazzi, and evildoers. Charles Jr., their 20-month old son, was abducted from his New Jersey home and taken for ransom. He was then killed in what the media called the crime that century.