QB Gardner Minshew not willing to surrender starting job with Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew discusses his approach to Trevor Lawrence's win as starting quarterback. (0:56).JACKSONVILLE (Fla.) -- No. Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 pick in the draft, may be the most talented quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. But that doesn't mean Gardner Minshew will give up on his fight to remain with the Jacksonville Jaguars.Minshew stated that he must treat training camp like an open competition. He will win the job, because any other way would prove to be futile. The Aztec Empire was approached in the same way Hernan Cortes did.Wait. Wait.Minshew stated, "I believe that if you enter anything believing that losing or second-best is an option then most of the times that's what your going to get." "This is like Cortes landing in Veracruz with 600 men trying to seize the Aztec Empire. What do you think he said? He said, "Burn the boats." He replied, "Burn the boats.""That was a very strong belief that I have held onto since that tale."Minshew, an eccentric man who once attempted to break his hand with a hammer in order to obtain a medical redshirt at East Carolina, was able to draw football inspiration from a Spanish explorer. But he's correct: Cortes did indeed burn his ships when he landed at Veracruz on April 1519 to convey to his men that there is no turning around.Minshew is still fighting for his career, even though the stakes aren’t as high. After Foles' struggles, Minshew was named the starter in place of Nick Foles. He was awarded the starting job in 2020. He started seven games before suffering a thumb injury that he initially hid from his coach.Minshew was able to return to the field for the final two December games, but he finished the season sitting on the bench. The Jaguars had a record of 1-15 and Urban Meyer was hired to draft Lawrence. Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN NFL draft analyst, listed Lawrence among Peyton Manning, John Elway and Luck as the top QBs that he had evaluated.Minshew refused to accept that Minshew would, at best, be No. Lawrence is 2nd. He told Chris Long, Greenlight podcast host, that he hadn't "taken any s--- in weeks." No. 2. is not an option."Minshew stated that he meant the comment in the spirit "having fun".It's all about mindset. Minshew stated that it's all about having fun. "That's another thing that I have been trying to put my focus on at camp is having fun, man. This is a great game that we all enjoy and sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. It's important to have fun.Minshew is getting significant reps in camp with the first-team offense, alternate days with Lawrence and the starters. Minshew was on Friday's field and had a great day. He completed all six passes in just two minutes and hooked up with receiver Jeff Cotton for a deep throw down to the sideline.Minshew's camp was good overall but it would be surprising if Lawrence wasn't selected to start the season opener in Houston on September 12.Minshew stated, "Can't worry who they draft, how my hand is treated, and who starts at the end," "I have control over how I practice, what I do, and how I prepare. As long as I keep my eyes on these things, I know that I am doing all I can.