That Jetpack Guy Is Reportedly Buzzing Around Airports Again

"The jetpack man is back."Guess Who's BackAccording to Los Angeles International Airport's air traffic control, the mysterious flying figure known as "jetpack guy" appears to have returned.Although reports are not confirmed beyond chatter between pilots with air traffic controllers, they are substantial enough that the FBI should have launched an investigation, The Los Angeles Times reported last Wednesday. A pilot reported a possible sighting of a jetpack man 15 miles east from LAX on Wednesday, July 25.Be careful, the jetpack man is back. A later air traffic controller informed other pilots in the vicinity.RestartIf it is the same Jetpack guy, news broke in December 2020 when video footage showed a mysterious figure hovering close to LAX. According to the LA Times, two other sightings were already under investigation by the FBI from October and August of the same year.AdvertisementAdvertisementAll reports about jetpacks near LAX are not confirmed. Details such as the fact that the sighting occurred at a frightening 5,000 feet above the ground raise questions about whether or not the pilot saw a balloon.We have worked with the FAA for each of the previous sightings and we have not been in a position to validate any reports so far, Laura Eimiller, a spokesperson for the FBI, told the LA Times.Maybe jetpack guy is an elusive pilot, or maybe their mind tricks them. Although we know what we want to believe, we don't have confirmation.We looked but did not see Iron Man. Another pilot told air traffic control that he saw him.AdvertisementAdvertisementREAD MORE: LAX air traffic control reports LAX possible jetpack man [The Los Angeles Times]More about jetpack guy: Video Claims To Display Person Flying Jetpack Near Airport