President Biden Wears Tan Suit Nearly 7 Years After Obama's Controversy

It's Friday's callback for President Biden... His decision to wear a tansuit to a news conference seems like a reference to the dumbest "controversy” of former President Barack Obama.Friday morning, the Prez addressed the White House about the economy and July jobs report. He raised eyebrows when he stepped out in beige...with a green tie.You may recall that Obama was mocked by conservatives and style critics on August 28, 2014. This was his news conference regarding increasing the U.S. military action against Syria.Tan Suit Gate, as it came to be known, featured Republicans shaming Obama's wardrobe choices. They claimed it was too casual and lacked seriousness. Several bloggers and talk heads also commented on the look for several weeks.Now that Biden has donned his tan suit look, there are 2 questions. Will it cause a similar uproar? It begs the question: Who wore it better?