Craft your pitch deck around 'that one thing that can really hook an investor' ' TechCrunch

Your pitch deck should be centered around the one thing that will really grab an investorMichelle Davey's pitch to Jordan Nof, Tusk Ventures, about Wheel, a startup that provides a complete suite of virtual care solutions for clinicians, was frontloaded with early metrics. Although it is not a common practice to start with numbers early in a startup, she explained why she chose this strategy to Nof.Davey and Nof joined Extra Crunch Live to discuss why Tusk wanted to finance Wheel. They also walked us through the Series A pitch deck of the startup and shared which slides and bits sealed the deal.Extra Crunch Live, a weekly series of virtual events designed to assist founders in building venture-backed businesses, is now available. We meet with investors and founders to discuss what brought them together and what they see in one another. This will help us understand how we can work together going forward. The Extra Crunch Live pitch-off is also hosted by us. This allows founders to present their startup ideas to our top speakers.Extra Crunch Live can be accessed live every Wednesday at noon PDT. However, Extra Crunch members have exclusive access to the on-demand content. The entire ECL library can be viewed here.When to lead by tractionDavey stressed the importance of not following a set format when building a pitch deck. Davey stressed the importance of focusing on what makes your pitch unique and appealing. This should be prominently displayed and in the forefront.That meant that Wheel had to lead with traction. The company saw impressive growth from the beginning. This was true even for their Series B raise.