Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have been the best part of the Olympics

The Olympics were disappointing. Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg did not.It was a brilliant idea to make a show that featured the pair laughing at highlights from different events. This should be the new norm. It's difficult to have an Olympic moment while you are fighting a global pandemic. However, this doesn't mean we shouldn't have a good time. Lucky for us, someone at NBC realized that Hart and Snoop were the perfect candidates for the job.AdvertisementThe network has been criticised for how it broadcasts the Summer Games in streaming era. Most of the events are being aired behind a subscription on Peacock or the NBC Sports App, while competitions are tape-delayed on NBC. The decision to allow Hart and Snoop to speak and do whatever they like on Peacock was a great one.Who knew that BMX freestyle could be so funny?Or, the opening ceremony might be hilarious.There is no safe sport. Not even equestrian.AdvertisementWhile many will be enthused by Qatar's Mutaz Essa barshim and Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi's decision to share the gold in high jump, I find it a ridiculous move. It is absurd to train for years in order to win Olympic gold and then have to share the glory. Hart and Snoop are happy to agree with me.AdvertisementSimone Biles was able to watch ShaCarri Richardson's run. The U.S. has not been very successful in track and field. The women's soccer team won bronze. The men's basketball team has been winning but underwhelming. And the women's basketball teams have been unable to win a seventh gold medal.The Tokyo Games are often remembered for what didn't happen rather than what actually happened. The one thing we should not forget is that the Olympics and NBC produced the most entertaining highlight show in sports history. People are more fun when they cuss.