Elon Musk Says It's a 'Total Coincidence' That Starship Stack Spells '420'

Oh, and the booster stands at 69 meters high.Weed WhackerSpaceXs Super Heavy Booster 4 & Starship proto Ship 20 have been stacked on top one another to create a huge stainless steel skyscraper with rocket engines and fuel. This will be the first space company's orbital test flight.If you're paying attention, these two numbers, when combined as 420, are significant to cannabis enthusiasts and of particular significance to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.Musk famously stated his love for the number, joked (but maybe not really) that Tesla would be taken private at a price of $420 back in 2018, and then he retweeted it on Twitter. This plan went sour quickly, leading to a lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission and millions of dollars in fines. This is without mentioning the fact that he used weed to record a podcast.Total CoincidenceMusk claims that Booster 4 was not part of the plan, and Ship 20 from the weed number was not.AdvertisementAdvertisementIt was a complete coincidence! He replied to Austin Barnard, a SpaceX fan and Twitter user who made the initial connection. Also, the booster height was initially 70m. However, we removed a half barrel to improve manufacturing efficiency so that it is nowThis ellipsis almost certainly aims to emphasize that the boosters' height is now at 69 meters. Musk has also used this number with sexual connotations in the past.SpaceX Just Mounted a Starship on the Top of the Super Heavy booster and Holy Shit