Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She Cut Friends Out Who Aren't Vaccinated

Jennifer Aniston is well aware of the rules - if you post anything on social media you will be dragged. However, after being criticized for her vaccination comments, Aniston was ready to fight back.Aniston was criticised for saying that she only wants friends who have been vaccinated. This revealed that she has cut out "a few" people from her life who don't want to get the shot.Although the criticism was mild, here's an example: "If Jenny's] vaccinated, she's protected right?" Why should she be concerned about people around her who are not vaccinated?She replied, "Because you have the variant. You are still able give it to me. Although I might get a little sick, I won't be hospitalized or even die. But I can give it to someone without the vaccine or whose health is compromised. I would be putting their lives at risk.She emphasized the point: "THAT is what I worry about... We need to care more than ourselves."