What to expect from Samsung's next Unpacked ' TechCrunch

Foldables! Two, probably! These are your headlines. Samsung has a hand in the event invite. It features two geometrical objects that clearly represent the new Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy Z Flip.Another headliner is Deadliner, which we won't see at the event. Endliner?). On its corporate blog, the company confirmed that the Galaxy Note's next version will not be available. This is a significant departure from the device's long-standing annual refresh cycle.We don't know yet if this is the end of the line for the phablet. TechCrunch was told by Samsung that we will not launch new Galaxy Note devices in 2021. Samsung intends to enhance the Note experience and extend the Galaxy ecosystem with many of its most popular productivity and creativity features such as the S Pen. Once we have more information, we will share it with you.There were rumors that the company might have had to hold the device until the announcement. This is because of global supply chain problems which continue to be a problem for manufacturers. The argument can also be made that Samsung has made the Note obsolete over the last few Galaxy S updates.It is quite telling that the company mentioned a new flagship in its Unpacked copy. The Galaxy S is six months away from a refresh and the Note is out of the picture, so this may refer to the Galaxy Fold being given the (admittedly ceremonial title). It remains to be determined if this refers to two or three flagships within the company's Armada.We do know that at least one of the upcoming foldables will blur the Note line, just like the Galaxy S.I hope you'll join me as we unveil our next Galaxy Z family, and share some foldable surprises, including the first-ever S Pen specifically designed for foldable phones. This was the statement by TM Roh, company president and head, Mobile Communications Business. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip will feature a more durable and stronger material, according to Roh.We have seen the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in previous and subsequent leaks. It wouldn't be a Samsung event, if everything didn't leak prior to the event.Pricing is almost never an exact conversion between currencies and markets. https://t.co/MLvLUynwjG pic.twitter.com/fdbRvnySu6 Evan (@evleaks) August 3, 2021EVLeaks tweeted almost every aspect of the upcoming foldable smartphone. They also provided (European) prices for the Flip and Fold at 1,899 and 1,099 respectively. Both models show a significant decrease in price from the previous generation. This is a nice, if not surprising, change. Samsung's long-term plan has been to reduce the price of foldable technology. While we are still far from being cheap, we may be able to move closer to the goal of making it affordable for more people.The Fold/Flip also has a 7.6/6.7 inch internal display, a Snapdragon888 processor (both), and 12MP triple/dual camera, respectively. Water resistance is also reported to be on the board.The company appears to be able to manage its virtual events more efficiently after a year. Samsung, like many companies in this space, took liberties when events moved more from in-person into online. Announcements were made event by event. Next week's Unpacked will be a larger, more self-contained event.Both wearables are expected to be the other highlights. The long-awaited results of the partnership between Samsung, Google and I/O were announced at I/O. We weren't able to get much information at the time other than the fact that the partnership between Samsung and Google will be a boon both for developers and users, as it will allow them to create apps for the wear OS and Samsungs own brand of Tizen.Samsung and Google have a long history together. When we work together, our consumers experience has been significantly better, said Sameer Samat, Google's SVP of Marketing at the June I/O news. This is especially true for this new platform that will be rolled out on Samsungs Galaxy Watch for the first-time. We are thrilled to offer a new wearable experience that includes longer battery life, better performance, and more apps, including many from Google, in collaboration with Samsung.MWC was a disappointing event that the company hosted, which focused on the new watch. The watch was missing from the event. I would speculate that the watch didn't arrive on the timescale Samsung expected, but Samsung went ahead with a virtual press conference at the trade show.However, the company did announce One UIWatch, a wearable version its simplified OS interface. Samsung noted in a press release that:The new unified platform and one UI Watch will create a completely new Galaxy Watch experience. You can quickly download compatible apps to your watch from your smartphone. Your watch will automatically reflect any customizations you have made to your phone's clock app to display the time in different places around the world. You can also block messages and calls from your smartphone if they are blocked by your watch.The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic models have been leaked by Leaks, along with European pricing. They are expected to retail for 279 and 379 respectively, and each model will have multiple sizes. This was always a problem with Samsung watches. They are large and have attracted a lot of buyers.Galaxy Buds 2 is the final piece of the puzzle. Galaxy Buds 2 is the latest upgrade to their entry-level buds. It now boasts active noise cancellation.Are there any surprises when things start at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET on August 11,? There are probably very few surprises. These leaks tend to catch things in broad strokes, but miss the important nuances. Even though the company is well-versed in pre-show leaks it still surprised us in the past.