Watch a defensive Mike Lindell get fact-checked by CNN over his baseless claims that China hacked the election

Mike Lindell repeatedly challenged the integrity and validity of the 2020 election. Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesMike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, told CNN's Drew Griffin that he had evidence that China had hacked the 2020 elections.CNN was told by cybersecurity experts that Lindell's alleged evidence for voter fraud did not prove anything.Griffin claimed Lindell was ruining confidence in the election. Lindell accused Griffin of lying and offered to hug him.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, was fact-checked in detail by a CNN reporter for his false voter-fraud claims. He wasn't happy about it.Lindell claimed that Drew Griffin, CNN's reporter, was wrong and offered Lindell a hug.Lindell repeatedly challenged the integrity and validity of the 2020 election. Griffin interviewed Lindell Thursday to discuss his proof that China had hacked the election, changing votes from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden.Lindell stated that he would present his proof at the "cyber symposium", which will be held in South Dakota next Wednesday.A few days prior to his interview, he had sent CNN a small portion of the data. Griffin claimed that CNN had shown him the data, which was six screenshots long, to nine cybersecurity experts who all denied it was proof of anything.Lindell claimed that the experts were wrong.Griffin claimed that CNN also spoke to officials from the 15 counties where Lindell claims they hacked their votes. Griffin stated that all the election officials claimed they used paper ballots and were not connected to the internet. They also said that there was no evidence that the votes had been hacked.Griffin told Lindell, "I don’t think you really understand the way votes are cast, collected and tabulated in this country."Lindell stated, "You know what? I do." "What you don’t know is that once they’re tabulated, they can be hacked after they’re done, which was the case because Donald Trump was going win anyway."Continue the storyGriffin stated that paper ballots had been audited against machine counts. "No, they weren't!" Lindell stated. Lindell said.Griffin claimed it was the county officials. Lindell responded: "Well, they're going have to answer some questions."Griffin wanted to know if the county officials were lying.Lindell stated, "I don’t know." "They could be misunderstood...they don't know what happened."Continue reading: MyPillow's MyPillow man claims God helped him overcome a crack addiction and build a multimillion dollar empire. Trump's religious devotion threatens to bring everything to a halt.Later, Griffin said to Lindell that he might be the victim in a scam over his support of voter-fraud conspiracy theories."Why don't we invite you to the symposium and earn $5 million?" Lindell responded, referring to the cash award he promised to give to anyone who disproves his voter-fraud allegations at the symposium. Are you concerned about me? You should hug me. Do you worry about Mike? God bless you.Griffin said that he was worried that Griffin was "worried about what you are doing is wrongly or deliberately destroying confidence in the legitimate, elected President of the United States and encouraging what could be serious damage to this country."Lindell said he had never spoken negatively about Biden or the Democrats. Never! Never!" He claimed Griffin was wrong... You lie."Lindell, who stated in April that he still speaks to Trump approximately once per month, has invested time and money in spreading his voter fraud theories.To spread misinformation about the election, he launched Frank, a website. He also made a two-hour film on voter fraud. In May, he held a rally at South Dakota’s Corn Palace with guests speakers Ben Carson, Trump’s secretary of housing, and Eric Metaxas, a conservative podcaster.Business Insider has the original article.