Virgin Galactic restarts space-trip sales at $450,000 and up

This Sunday, July 11, 2021, file photo shows Richard Branson answering students' questions at a Spaceport America news conference near Truth or Consequences. Virgin Galactic has started selling space flight tickets again just weeks after Richard Branson, founder, flew a rocket-powered plane more than 50 miles above Earth. The tickets are not cheap. Virgin Galactic has set prices starting at $450,000 per seat. As it reported on Thursday, August 5, 2021, that it had lost $94 millions in the second quarter, the company announced its sales. The company's overhead and sales costs increased from last year. The revenue was only $571,000, which barely covers one seat on a future plane. Credit: AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, FileVirgin Galactic's space flight tickets are now available. Prices start at $450,000 per seat.Thursday's announcement by the space-tourism company indicated that it is moving forward with revenue flights next year. It will offer single- and multi-seat packages, as well as whole flights.Virgin Galactic made the announcements as it reported that it had lost $94million in its second quarter due to rising overhead costs and lower sales. The company reported revenue of $571,000 which is barely enough to cover one future seat.After the quarter ended, the company's most notable achievement was last month when Richard Branson, founder, and five of his crewmates flew to 53.5 miles (86 km) above the New Mexico desert.Michael Colglazier, CEO of the company, stated that sales resumed on Thursday in order to capitalize on a surge of consumer interest following Branson's flight. He beat Jeff Bezos by nine days and Blue Origin by nine days.In June, the company, which is based in Las Cruces (New Mexico), was granted regulatory approval to fly people into orbit.Virgin Galactic stated that "early hand-raisers", will have priority for booking seats. A second list will be made available to new customers.The next spaceflight of the company is due to take place in late September with the Italian air force.Virgin Galactic stated that it closed the quarter with $552 million in cash and equivalents.After the stock market had closed, the results were made public. After-hours trading saw the company's shares rise by nearly 5%Continue reading2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Without permission, this material may not be broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.