Vanessa Bryant Settles Lawsuit Filed Against Her By Mother

TMZ Sports learned that Vanessa Bryant settled a lawsuit brought by her mother.Sofia Laine claimed that she worked as a babysitter for Vanessa and Kobe almost 20 years. She said she owed $200,000... at $96 per hour.She claimed that Kobe had promised to take care her all her life. She claims that Vanessa kicked her from the house Kobe allegedly bought her after Kobe's death.Vanessa called the lawsuit "frivolous," disgraceful, and unimaginably hurtful. She continued, "My husband never promised anything to my mother, and he would have been so disappointed by her behavior and lack empathy."Vanessa stated that she has supported Vanessa for almost 20 years and that she was not my or Kobe’s personal assistant. She was also not a nanny.Vanessa said that Vanessa "in reality, she only occasionally cared for my older daughters when they were toddlers." She added, "As of ten year ago, our children were full-time athletes and students, and I hadn't had another child until 2016".