Biden responds to criticism from Gov. Ron DeSantis: 'Governor who?'

President Joe Biden, Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis in Miami Beach, Florida on July 1, following the collapsed Champlain Towers South condo building at Surfside. Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images"Governor who?" Biden responded when asked about criticisms from Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis.These comments are part of a stalemate between them over Florida's response to COVID-19.Biden spoke at an event to promote electric vehicles. He drove an electric Jeep Wrangler.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.On Thursday, President Joe Biden was questioned about Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis's critique of the President was part of an ongoing war between the two."What's your response to Governor DeSantis? He's using your words about "don't get in the way" and he's saying, "I am in the path, to prevent too much interference from federal government." Your answer, Mr. Your response, Mr. Kelly O'Donnell, a reporter at NBC White House, asked the question."Governor who?" Biden laughed as the onlookers laughed. "That's what I said."Biden's remarks are the latest in a series of verbal battles with the Florida governor. Biden, though not by name, criticised the handling of COVID-19 by the governors in Texas and Florida at a press conference Tuesday."I ask these governors to help. If you don't want to help, please at least get out from the way of those who are doing the right thing. He said, "Use your power to save people's lives." Republican DeSantis signed an order prohibiting the use of masks in schools last week and threatened to withhold funding for schools that did so.DeSantis retaliated on Wednesday."Why don’t you do what is right?" He said during a press conference, "Why don't we get this border secured, and until that happens, I don’t want to hear anything about COVID."Biden made these remarks after a White House event where he signed an executive order that will see electric vehicles make up half of all new vehicles in 2030.Continue the storyThe press followed him as he climbed into an electric Jeep Wrangler and took it for a spin around the yard.Business Insider has the original article.