Hawaii's Big Island was scorched by a record-setting wildfire that burned over 40,000 acres

The 25th Combat Aviation Brigade helicopter is ready to drop water on the Hawaii wildfires. Associated PressMore than 40,000 acres were destroyed by a wildfire that erupted on Hawaii's Big Island.It is the biggest blaze to have scorched the island in its history.Thousands of people were forced to flee the wildfire-ravaged area over the weekend.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.Officials said that a wildfire on Hawaii’s Big Island has scorched more than 40,000 acres. It is the largest ever to douse the area.According to the Associated Press, Mayor Mitch Roth of Big Island said that it was the largest wildfire he's ever seen on the island. The wildfire engulfed more than 62 square miles of land.Roth said, "With drought conditions that have been experienced, it is of concern." It's alarming to see this situation, where thousands of homes are in danger.Over the weekend, thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes. At least two Big Island homes were also destroyed by the wildfire.According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 95% of the fire had been contained by Thursday night. The fire had also burned approximately 40,000 acres.According to The Washington Post, although the fire is no longer a danger to homes, its impact on forest reserves and habitats remains a concern.Insider has the original article.