Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids Review

After months of being away, it can be daunting to return to the vast world of Assassins Creed Valhalla. Even after completing the story, side exploration, and pillaging in a few hours, there was still much to do. Fear not, you don't have to finish the story before moving on to Wrath of the Druids. This expansion brings Eivor to the rolling hills of Ireland and has a lot of content that is available early in the campaign. It is well worth the effort, as it offers more than most of the sidequests that make up the rest of the campaign. While the combat and adventuring are the same, the twisting story of politics and mysticism is truly outstanding. The Druids are also standout enemies.When a mysterious guest arrives at Ravensthorpe with summons, it is clear that you are headed to a new DLC area. It's a cousin, who although he has never been mentioned before, has somehow managed to become the king of one the many warring territories in Ireland. Eivor isn't going to need convincing, even though there are potential trade routes and riches for her clan. However, I wish that more time was spent to make this feel seamless as an next step rather than a way to get into a new area.LoadingIt is an amazing experience to tour Ireland. Although it is not immediately obvious, riding through Ireland's countryside over the emerald hills, long sheer cliff faces and colorful plains will make you stand out from England and Norway. The landscape is also dark and haunting at times. Many of the swamps look like something out of a fairy tale. Tourists have come to recognize the landscape's unique ruggedness and standing stones that overlook oceans as a part of their postcard-worthy charm.The boggy swamps of Ireland look like something out of a fairytale.What We Said about Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Assassins Creed Valhalla, a bold and stunning entry in the series, finally delivers on the long-awaited era of the Viking as well as the political melting pot that was Englands Dark Ages. This story is a blend of historical tourism, conspiracy theory and veiled mysticism, but it's anchored and focused. While the series' established loot and quest system are well-researched and maintained, there could be some improvement in the progression. You will also have to deal with a greater number of bugs and other blemishes than usual. Although it isn't the most elegant or polished, it has a rugged and brutal view of Scandanavian expansion. It makes great use of new consoles. - Brandin Tyrrel, November 9, 2020Score: 8 Read the complete Assassin's Creed Valhalla ReviewEach IGN Assassin's Creed Review 32 IMAGESThe new quest type Royal Demands feels like a step backwards towards Valhalla. Simple tasks such as clearing outposts or stealing requested items are given to Eivor anonymously through messages left at the pigeon-coops scattered across the country. These tasks help your allies gain influence over Ireland's four regions. This opens up quests for you and rewards you with building materials. They are important, but they don't feel like much more than just busywork. I didn't look forward to actually doing them.The story was, however, consistently entertaining throughout the approximately 10 hours it took for the ending to be completed. The cultural boiling point reached by the various religious groups is interwoven with the political tension created by Irelands High King Flann's attempt to unify Ireland. Due to professional and personal missteps, Cousin Bairds reign under Flann is constantly in danger. Ciara, Flann's bard, is now in the service of the new Christian monarchy. However, Ciara was raised as a druid so she struggles to balance both the Christian and Christian worlds. The story's serious tone is made more accessible by the strong and charming voices of its actors, as well as solid character arcs that are full of twists. Wrath of the Druids, which explains the slow assimilation of Christianity in the region, shows the pagan communities' desperate attempts to survive the threat of their culture's extinction. The existential terror of conquered people felt more relatable than ever before in the original story.This expansion's greatest actual improvement is the Children of Danu.A few pieces are particularly badass, however.