A Quiet Place: Part II Review

Although it doesn't quite capture the horrors of the original film, A Quiet Place Part II delivers plenty of thrills. The movie's focus on characters and the powerful performances by its new cast member Cillian Murphy keep the audience engaged.John Krasinski is playing in a larger sandbox, expanding the world as well as his expectations. Cillian Murphy's portrayal of Emmett is captivating, with his scenes with Millicent SIMMONS REGAN being some of the most riveting in the film. Although Emmett could use a little more development, Murphy still manages to give it his all. His scenes with Millicent Simmonds Regan are among the most compelling in the film. This film features her as the main character, rather than Emily Blunts Evelyn. She has two standout scenes with Murphy and Noah Jupes Marcus, which show how powerful and subtle she is. But this Simmonds film is a strong one and she does it well.5 Horror Movies You Should Watch (Once) 6 ImagesLoadingThis movie's spine is very similar to the first films. You can run, hide and keep quiet if that is what you feel is best for you. Part II however uses a multi-storyline approach which sometimes tests your patience. Although Marcus and Regan's respective emotional journeys allow the film to end on the right note, it feels abrupt and doesn't provide the catharsis that many may desire, due to all the stories cross-cutting. (Spoilers: I won't go into detail. The sequel also shows the world before the invasion of the alien creatures, with flashbacks that show some of the most dramatic action and visual effects moments in the movie. It is reminiscent of 2005's War of the Worlds. While Krasinski's ability to create suspense and Spielbergian moments in terror and awe is impressive, it is his performance and understanding of characters that make the sequel feel authentic and real. The characters feel real, and so does the peril. Anyone who has seen any movie or TV show set in such a setting will be familiar with the many dangerous scenarios. This movie navigates the well-worn terrain without letting its inherent tropes hinder it. The audience only expects you to go zig-zag in the post apocalypse subgenre. A Quiet Place Part II, however, is just as impressive on a technical level as the original film. As we follow Regan, a hearing impaired character, through moments of silence or where Evelyn uses noise to misdirect a lurking creature, the film's strategic use of sound and noise is just as impressive. A Quiet Place Part II is, in a way, to the more action-packed Aliens what Part I was to the more claustrophobic Alien. Part II may not be as frightening as the predecessor, but it is still highly enjoyable.