Rihanna is Officially a Billionaire and the Richest Female Musician in the World

August 4, 2021 2 minutes readForbes announced that Rihanna, a superstar singer and entrepreneur, has been inducted into the club of billionaires.According to the outlet, her net worth is now at $1.7 billion making her the most successful female singer in the world.Related: Rihanna's 3 Secrets to Business Success that Overshadowed Victoria's Secret and L'Oral by Creating Relevant Brands for Today's WomanShe is 33 years old and has enjoyed commercial success with her music career, eight studio albums and endless collaborations. Fenty Beauty was founded in 2017.Rihanna holds 50% of Fenty Beauty. The other half is owned by luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH, was famously deposed by Jeff Bezos earlier this week as the richest person on the planet.Forbes estimates that $1.4 billion of her earnings are derived from her beauty brand. Next is her lingerie business, Savage x Fenty which is valued at $270 million.She is building a brand that transcends herself. According to Shannon Coyne of Bluestock Advisors, a consumer products consulting firm, it's not all about Rihanna. Even if her music is not your favorite, you will still find a style in the fashion or beauty industry.Rihanna currently has approximately 103 million Instagram followers, and 102.5million followers on Twitter.Related: 5 Lessons Learned from the World's Most Successful Businesswomen