Get ready for 14 South Park movies and five more seasons

MTV Entertainment Studios announced a $900 million deal to South Park co-creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone. This includes the extension of Comedy Central's adult animated series through its 30th year. Paramount+ will get 14 South Park movies. The first two are due out in the fall. These animators have a lot to do.AdvertisementTrey and Matt are both world-class creators. They use their witty humor to ridicule the absurdities in our culture. We are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with them, Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment, said in a press statement. Our strategy for Paramount+ growth is centered around developing new IP and distributing marquee content such as South Park.Comedy Central has been airing the series since 1997. It is soon entering its 25th year. The network has renewed the series 30 times, which is quite a bit. (But still: Simpsons did it. ) This means that Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny will all be around at least until 2027.Comedy Central has been our home since 1995 and we are very grateful that they have made a commitment to us for the next seventy-five years. Stone and Parker also stated that ViacomCBS, the channel's current owners, was supportive of South Park's unconventional productions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot wait to return to South Park episodes, but we are now able to experiment with new formats. It's wonderful to have partners who are willing to take chances with us.According to Hollywood Reporter Stone and Parker see the first two films on the streamer as one story that is broken down into halves. This film's fall release will mark the first South Park movie since 1999's musical South Park: Bigger. Longer. And Uncut.