Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees unveil throwback uniforms for 'Field of Dreams' game

Anthony Rizzo's hot start continues with the Yankees. He drove in a run in six of his first six games. (0:26).They have made it and will continue to build it. They'll now be dressed for the occasion.The New York Yankees' and Chicago White Sox's first special event was the unveiling of their uniforms, which were inspired by the team jerseys of the early 20th century.The uniforms of the White Sox feature navy blue pinstripes on the right chest and a large SOX Monogram on their left chest. This will match a navy blue cap with navy pinstripes. The Sox monogram will be displayed on the cap of the team during batting practice.Is this Heaven?! Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) August 5, 2021The Yankees released a uniform with the NEW YORK letters in a smaller and wider font than the modern-day jersey. It was available in navy blue on grey, with no white outline or sleeve trim. The cap has a loose-knit interlocking NY.MLBThe Dyersville baseball park will host the first Major League Baseball game. It will have a corn maze to the right of the fence, and a manually operated scoreboard. Bullpens to the middle-field fence are also featured.The ballpark is situated on the Lansing Family Farm. This was the location for the filming of the "Field of Dreams", starring Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta as well as James Earl Jones, Amy Madigan, and Ray Liotta.