Spacex Lifts Humongous Super Heavy Booster onto Launch Pad

Starship is nearly ready for liftoff. The Great Stacking SpaceX is now ready to stack its Starship prototype measuring 160 feet, dubbed Ship 20, on top its taller Super Heavy booster, Booster 4. This is a significant moment for Elon Musk's company. It will be the first time that the spacecraft will be placed on top of a booster. And it will most likely precede the spacecraft's maiden voyage into space. It will explode, unless it does so like previous prototypes. Lifting Booster Although the company had hoped to launch its first orbital test flight by last month, it is not clear when that will happen. The Federal Aviation Administration is currently conducting an environmental review. Advertisement Advertisement Teslarati reports that Booster 4 was lifted up by a huge crane Wednesday afternoon, and then lowered onto the orbital rocket pads launch table. Musk shared images of the massive structure with 29 Raptor engines suspended about 100 feet high in the air. Moving rocket to orbital launch pad Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 4, 2021 Ship 20 is now slowly moving towards the crane. The crane will eventually stack Ship 20 on top of Booster 4. The booster will eventually lift Starship into the atmosphere if all goes according to plan. Starship will then incendia its engines to propel itself into orbit. Advertisement Advertisement According to Federal Communications Commission documents, SpaceX plans to attempt to land the Booster into the Gulf of Mexico. Starship will land in the soft ocean off Kauai, Hawaii. You can also be on the lookout. READ MORE: SpaceX installs booster at launch pad, stacks orbital Starship up to full height [Teslarati] More Starship: Blue Origin Posts a Salty Infographic about SpaceX Advertisement Advertisement


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