Plant-based cereal startup OffLimits pours $2.3M into new products ' TechCrunch

OffLimits founder and CEO Emily Elyse Miller found it challenging to launch during a pandemic. But, in the end, it was a success.TechCrunch's Miller said that fun cereal is often associated with being unhealthy. He wanted people to enjoy their food again but in a healthier way. While there are many startups that tackle the healthier side of cereal, I wanted to focus on breakfast culture.After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, she moved into trends and forecasting. She began writing about food and design there, as well as traveling around the globe. She stated that she was obsessed with morning rituals, and began working with chefs to open their kitchens for breakfast. She wrote a book about breakfast.Out of Science Inc.'s startup studio, Miller founded OffLimits. OffLimits is made with whole ingredients and has flavors that are organic, vegan and gluten-free. It also uses organic cane sugar and light-sweetened. OffLimits' two cereals, Zombie and Dash, were available in Intelligentsia stores and online. The cereals are $8.50 each box.Now, she is announcing a $2.3million round of funding. This includes pre-seed, seed financing, friends and family. Science Inc., Crosslink and Canaan, DBC Creative CEO Dana Cowin; Surface Magazine CEO Marc Lotenberg; TikTok executive Nick Tran; and NTWRK president Moksha Fitzgibbons all contributed to the funding.Miller stated that the global breakfast market is valued at $30 billion and $16 billion respectively in the U.S. It is expensive and time-consuming to build a cereal brand. The new funding will be used for scaling up retail, new talent, and increasing inventory.She said that new brands such as OffLimits have emerged over the years. This gives legacy brands an opportunity to reach new audiences. But, they are not very successful.Miller stated that there is plenty of room for growth and that Gen Z is questioning the legacy brands. Therefore, they want to support new products. It was both shocking and disturbing to discover that we are the only ones entirely plant-based. OffLimits was very careful to have a clean panel. We want chefs to be excited about it.The company also released new flavors including Spark (strawberry flavor containing antioxidants) as well as Flex (a cinnamon-flavored flavor that is targeted at a health- and exercise-oriented audience). It is offering a birthday package to celebrate the company's first year of business. Customers can choose from all four flavors. Miller said that customers like to mix cereal flavors so the packs will encourage customization. Miller also announced that edible glitter will be available in September. This product will transform the cereal bowl into an interactive disco.The company has sold out its products twice and is currently on its third production. They plan to offer mini boxes where milk can be poured directly into them and optimize the supply chain for future growth.Miller wanted to focus on the boxes and the mascots that each box represents. There are profiles for all the cereal mascots on the website. They include Dash's female pink bunny and a zombie who eats cereal every day.Miller said that we don't want to give any information about the characters and would prefer to allow them to develop into other things. We are open to all counter-cultures, in whatever way that may be.