Spirit Airlines cancels nearly half of Thursday flights as travel chaos enters fifth day

Lines form inside LAX Terminal 5 Tuesday morning, as Spirit Airlines cancels 313 flights and delays 210 flights.Spirit Airlines cancelled more than 370 flights on Thursday to end the disruptions that plagued customers since Saturday.The disruptions were caused by bad weather, staff shortages, and technology problems, according to the airline. There have been more than 1,700 cancellations in the last week.Customers who were angry and confused complained about the long waits for customer service representatives and the long lines at airports.This issue tests the low-cost carrier’s efforts in recent years to improve reliability as well as its customer service.Spirit stated that the problem was made worse due to the surge in summer travel demand which rebounded faster than the U.S. industry expected from a slump.According to FlightAware, more than 370 Spirit flight cancellations occurred on Thursday morning. This accounts for 80% of all flight cancellations in America.Airlines often cancel large flights to ensure crews and planes are available and avoid disruptions that could leave customers and employees at airports.Spirit released a statement Wednesday saying that it had completed a thorough reboot of the network after dealing with yesterday's proactive cancellations. This will allow us to reassign crews more efficiently and restore network speedier. Spirit stated that cancellations of flights would "progressively" decrease over the next few days.Only eight Spirit flights were cancelled on Friday.