10 things before the opening bell

Getty Images / SOPA ImagesYou are invited to 10 Things Before The Opening Bell.Sign up if this was sent to you. You can also download Insider's app to get news on the move - click here for Android and here for iOS.Let's get started.1. After Fed officials' hawkish comments and surprisingly poor jobs data, equity investors are nervous. Crypto is broadly up, with the exception that ether will be upgraded ahead of major network upgrades. Have a look at the market's performance.2. Robinhood is headed to the moon. The trading app saw a 26% gain in two days and quickly became the most talked-about stock on Wall Street Bets. The company's rally helped it reach its $1.4 billion stock payout, after initially trading below its IPO prices.3. While employers want to end the wave of work-from-home, employees aren't willing to give up their freedom to do so. When companies announced plans for some in-person work, employees quit in record numbers. This left giants such as Uber and Google scrambling for flexible scheduling options. Learn why the future of work looks very different from before the pandemic.4. The docket: Moderna and Monster Beverage report.5. According to TD Ameritrade's chief strategist, the "buy the dip" mentality will keep stocks afloat until the end of the year. Recent dips were largely bought by retail investors who purchased ETFs. The strategist predicts that inflation and Fed moves would bring volatility to the markets.6. According to Gensler, the SEC chair said that he is only open to bitcoin funds being brought to market within certain parameters. This upset some bitcoin fund managers. Gensler stated that a bitcoin-futures ETF might be possible under stricter laws. A head of research in digital assets said that the SEC appears to be pushing investors towards lower-quality, higher-risk products.7. Pfizer-BioNTech will approve the vaccine in less than a month. BioNTech stock also soared. Moderna also rose more than 20% in two days, despite recent concerns about the COVID-19 Delta variant. Retail traders between Moderna & Pfizer have generated over $180million in retail cash this week.8. Lumber is shouting lumber: Prices for lumber fell 65% from their all-time high in May, despite the fact that Americans want to purchase new homes. Although suppliers have increased their output, demand has slowed. However, one analyst believes that there is still a demand for lumber in the market.9. BlackRock strategist outlined his investment strategy for 2021. It involves picking high quality stocks that can withstand slow economic growth. According to the strategist, tech companies are a good choice for risk-adjusted returns in flatlining months.10. Space tourism is a growing industry and you can capitalise on it: Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin all plan to send people into orbit this year. Two space strategists and an astronaut shared their tips on how investors can benefit from the space race, including investing in space-themed ETFs.Phil Rosen compiles the data. Have feedback? Send feedback to prosen@insider.com, or tweet @philrosennRegister for the Insider newsletter here.