TikTok confirms pilot test of TikTok Stories is now underway ' TechCrunch

Although Twitter has closed its Stories feature known as Fleets, the Stories format will still be used on other social media platforms. Today, TikTok confirmed that it is piloting TikTok Stories. This will allow the company to explore other ways its community can bring their creative ideas to fruition.The company says the new feature will allow for another storytelling option in addition to existing tools such as videos, Duets and Stitch. However, it is not intended to replace these tools.TikTok did not say how long the pilot test would last or whether it would lead to a public launch. We understand that the pilot test was conducted for several days and not weeks or months. The test is currently only available in a few non-U.S. countries. This is to gain insight and feedback from TikTok users.We should be aware that the current set of features might not make it into the public product.More screenshots of TikTok Stories pic.twitter.com/1PVfgJ9YWT Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) August 4, 2021Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, discovered the feature. He is frequently among the first to discover new features in social networks. He told us that several tipters had sent him screenshots of TikTok Stories, but it wasn't clear at first if it was a hoax.The timing was suspect, however. Twitter had just closed Fleets, which was a high-profile example in a failure to make Stories function on a social media platform despite their popularity on popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, and even Pinterest.We can see that the product looks familiar to Stories users from other platforms, as shown in the videos and screenshots of TikTok Stories.To create their first Story users can tap the camera button in the navigation bar to the left of the screen. Next, they can use the common tools such as text, stickers, sound effects, and insert sounds to modify their content. Users can upload photos or record videos, just like other platforms. This allows TikTok users to make use of larger camera rolls and makes it possible for TikTok users to take advantage of that.TikToks Stories is unique in that users can comment publicly on creators' stories. The app clarifies that these comments are public and mutual friends can view each other's comments. Another tab allows you to see who has viewed a Story and whether or not you are following them. If you wish, you can click on a button to follow other users.The apps tutorial explains that TikToks Stories can also be ephemeral, meaning they disappear within 24 hours.Scroll through the sidebar to view stories from other creators. To see their content, tap on the avatar of the creator. This almost looks like Twitter's vertical Fleets bar with the blue rings surrounding creators' profile photos.Stories allows TikTok users to engage with TikTok's tools in a more familiar and comfortable way. Creators can use Stories to have casual conversations with their fans between more edited TikTok videos.It also gives TikTok more surface on which to run ads, provided it can manage the inevitable attempts by TikTok to skirt its community guidelines when launching an ephemeral function.This feature also follows the Facebook-owned apps' direct attempt to copy TikTok using Reels.TikTok declined the request to specify which markets can access TikTok Stories. The screen shots show the feature in English and on Android phones.Although Stories failed on Twitter, the platform doesn't have a reputation for providing rich and creative tools like TikTok. TikTok, on the other hand, believes in exploring every creative tool that can allow its users to express their feelings, whether it's video, livestreaming or interacting with others.