Who Are the Unvaccinated in America? There's No One Answer.

The fight against the pandemic focuses on the estimated 93 million Americans who are eligible for shots, but have chosen to not get them. These Americans are at greatest risk of serious illness due to the highly contagious Delta virus variant. They are also most likely to be infected with the virus and spread it further.This isn't a single American set, but two.One group is those who refuse the coronavirus vaccines. They include a variety of people, but are more likely to be white, rural, evangelical Christian, and politically conservative.The other group includes those who are open to a chance but have put it off or are waiting to see what happens. They are diverse, urban, and include many young people, Black and Latino Americans, as well as Democrats.As cases rise and hospitalizations increase, health officials are making strides in immunizing this second group. Surveys suggest that they account for less than half the unvaccinated adult population in the United States.