Best Samsung monitors 2021

Best Samsung monitors Android Central 2021 The best Samsung monitors might be the best choice if you are looking for a new monitor. Samsung has been a leader in display technology for years, as evidenced by the high-end screens on top Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S21 series. We've collected the top-rated monitors, no matter how expensive or high-end. Choose the right Samsung monitor for your needs It can be difficult to choose the right monitor for you from the many options available from Samsung. The 32-inch Samsung M7 is our recommendation. The price is very reasonable considering the 4K UHD resolution, excellent color and flawless integration with Samsung Wireless DeX mode. It also makes use of Samsung Tizen OS, which provides access to streaming services and includes a remote control and speakers. This should be an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't mind a flat, straight display. The Samsung M7 is great, but gamers will be interested in the Samsung CRG9 Curved Gaming monitor. The CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor boasts QHD resolution and is equivalent to two 27-inch QHD monitors. The CRG9 has a 120Hz refresh rate, and is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology. This makes it a great pairing for those with the most powerful graphics cards. Samsung even included a picture-by–picture feature in the CRG9 so that you can treat it as a dual monitor setup.


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