Covid Cases Among Children Jumped 84% Last Week'Here Are The States Where Kid Hospitalizations Are Increasing

ToplineAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics' new report, the number of children who have contracted Covid-19 has increased fivefold from June. The report also shows a significant 84% increase in the past week, as many states are reporting an increase in child hospitalizations due to the ongoing delta surge.Charles Muro, 13 years old, is inoculated at Hartford Healthcares mass vaccination [+] center at Hartford Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut by Nurse Karen Pagliaro on May 13, 2021. AFP via Getty ImagesThe Key FactsTuesday's report by the pediatricians group stated that it had recorded nearly 72,000 new cases (up from 39,000 in the previous week) of Covid-19 among children between July 22 and 29. This figure represents 19% of all national cases during that time. The number of cases among children continues to rise, as do the numbers of hospitalizations. Many states are voicing concern about an increase in respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) cases, which is more prevalent in winter. According to a combination of federal and state data and local reports, child hospitalizations have increased in at least eight states. Florida is currently the country's leader in Covid-19-related hospitalizations, with 32 per day of pediatric hospitalizations between July 24 and 30, a rate of 0.76 per 100,000 residents. This data was shared by The Tampa Bay Times with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Officials from Texas, Indiana, Louisiana and Missouri have said that their hospitals are rapidly filling up with sick children from Covid-19 or other surging respiratory infections. According to the Associated Press, Alabama has 38 children currently hospitalized after a record 34 children were hospitalized last week in the Covid-19 pandemic.Surprising FactMajor children's hospitals in Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Louisiana that have seen an increase in hospitalizations in recent weeks reported having more children last week than any time during the pandemic.Important BackgroundIt is unclear whether there has been an increase in hospitalizations for children due to Covid-19 cases not being regularly updated. In June's last report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that hospitalizations among children reached a peak of 2.1 per 100,000 in January. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that hospitalizations have remained stable throughout the pandemic. Children account for between 1.3% to 3.5% of all hospitalizations depending on where they are located. The risk of hospitalization and death among children with Covid-19 is still low. Since the outbreak, Covid-19 has claimed the lives of just over 520 children (0.08% of the total U.S. deaths), and around 0.01% of all cases have resulted in death. The CDC emphasizes that severe diseases can still be fatal for children, as they occur in all ages.TangentExperts offer many explanations as to why child hospitalizations seem to be increasing. Many point to the rising number of young people being admitted to hospitals. The vaccine is not available to children under 12. Inoculations for teenagers and young adults are still not available.What to WatchIt is possible that hospital pediatric units could be overwhelmed by the combination of RSV and Covid-19 cases. According to CDC data RSV cases have been steadily rising since June. However, the number of RSV cases has increased significantly over the past month, raising concerns among public health experts.Important QuoteHeather Haq, a pediatrician from Texas Childrens Hospital Houston, recently posted a series on Twitter about how the surge upon surge has affected her facility. After months of seeing very few cases of pediatric Covid, we now see infants, teens, and children with Covid flooding back into the hospital. Haq explained that the hospital also has high winter volumes of sick infants/toddlers with RSV. She expressed concern about the possibility of running out of staff and beds.Continue readingHospitals in the Southern United States Report Record Numbers of Children Hospitalized During Delta SurgeThough Deaths are Still Extremely Rare (Forbes).Florida Shatters Record For Covid HospitalizationAgainAs DeSantis Downplays Crisis (Forbes)Covid is not the only reason why children are more likely to contract a respiratory disease in winter (The New York Times).Live updates and coverage of the Coronavirus