Russia: Our Killer Robots Don't Need Any Pesky International Laws

This view is, however, a minority one.AI UnleashedWhile United Nations representatives are meeting currently to discuss possible regulations controlling autonomous killer robotics, Russia has a different view.The Russian delegate represented a country which has deployed military robots in real world conflicts. According to The Telegraph, the Russian delegate was firm in his belief that there are no new rules or regulations that will govern the use and deployment of killer robots.This pits Russia against a large part of the international community. They are asking for rules to ensure humans have control over the decision to open fire. It also highlights the ethical dilemmas and main concerns surrounding autonomous weaponry.Sleep at the WheelRussia argues that the AI algorithms that drive these killer robots can distinguish friend from foe, so there is no need for regulations to burden them.AdvertisementAdvertisementAccording to The Telegraph, this weapon's high autonomy allows them to operate in dynamic conflict situations and in different environments. They also maintain a certain level of selectivity, precision and selectivity. It ensures compliance with international humanitarian law.This was, however, only the minority view at the ongoing conference.Open fireRussia is not the only country that has developed autonomous military robots. The US, China, and the UK all do the same. However, other countries voted against Russia and demanded more safeguards to ensure that any robot with a flaw or poor design doesn't shoot at civilians or cause harm beyond its intended purpose.According to The Telegraph, the rules of international humanitarian laws must be applied by humans when carrying out attacks. Weapons that operate in this manner can complicate that. Neil Davison, International Committee of the Red Cross adviser, said that human beings must follow these rules. We believe that algorithms shouldn't be used to decide who lives and dies.AdvertisementAdvertisementREAD MORE: Russia says that killing robots do not require new rules for firing on people, as Russia informs the UN [The Telegraph]Continue reading: Autonomous Killer Robot Convicted of Attacking Soldiers