Record Wildfires and Heat Sweep Across Greece, Threatening Historic Sites

The Greek government reported that more than 80 wildfires were reported in Greece between Monday evening and Tuesday night. This is as Greece struggles with a record-breaking heatwave, which is expected to last through the week.The temperature in Langadas, northern Greece, was 117F on Monday. This is close to the European Union record of 118.4F (48C) which was set in Athens back in July 1977. Other areas in the country also recorded temperatures of between 114 and 115.2 degrees Celsius (46.2 degrees Celsius) Monday. Athens, however, reached a high temperature of 113 Fahrenheit (45 degree Celsius). This week, temperatures are expected to rise above 113 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the country.The heat has led to an increase in wildfires across the eastern Mediterranean, where unimaginable blazes are raging in many countries.