Simone Biles Says Larry Nassar Abuse May Have Triggered Olympic Withdrawal

Play video content NBCSimone Biles believes that the abuse she received at the hands Larry Nassar probably triggered feelings that ultimately forced her to leave the Olympics.During an interview with "Today", the 24-year-old gymnast was asked if her terrible experiences with Team USA's doctor had affected her mental health during the 2020 Tokyo Games."Now that it's all in my mind, I can see the triggers. It's possible, but you don't know.Biles pulled out of last week's team competition due to mental health issues. Biles won a bronze medal in the beam event after she returned to it on Tuesday.The star gymnast is just one of over 150 victims who have come forward to accuse Nassar of sexual misconduct. He stated back in 2018 that it was not common to receive any type treatment from a trusted team doctor and call it horrifyingly the'special treatment'.Biles stated that she was interested in competing so the Nassar scandal wouldn't be forgotten.She said Wednesday, "I knew that still being a face of gymnastics, the USA, and all we brought, it wasn't going to be hidden under the rug and it will still remain a very large conversation."The scandal has been a major blow to the 4x gold medalist. She recently revealed on her Facebook "Simone vs Herself” series that she used to stay in bed because it was "better than offing herself."It was my escape from reality. At that time, sleep was the closest thing I had to death so I slept every night.Nassar, 57 years old, was sentenced to up 175 years in prison.