How to get unbanned from PlayStation Network

We all know how it feels to feel the weight of the ban hammer on our fragile skulls. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to go to your digital favorite hangout and find out that you are no longer permitted inside. We have the following advice for you if you find that your PS4 or PS5 has been banned from participating. We will show you how to unbann PlayStation Network so that you can go back online.Identify your error messagesAn error message will be displayed if you are unable to connect to the PSN. Although the information is not very detailed, it can help you to get an idea of where your stand. Begin by writing down the error message you are getting and then compare it with the list below.8002A227: This account cannot be used with the Network.This account cannot be used for Network. 8002A231: You have been suspended from your Network account.Your Network account has been suspended. 80710016: To find out more, visit WS-37397 Error code (mostly means that PSN doesn’t like something about you IP).You can find more information at WS-37397 Error code (mostly means that PSN doesn’t like your IP). WS-37337-3 - This PSN account was temporarily suspended.Temporarily suspended. WS-37368-7 - This PSN account was banned.This PSN account was banned. WS-37338-4 - This PS4 console was permanently removed from the PlayStation Network.The PS4 console was permanently removed from the PlayStation Network. WS-37397-9: Connection Error. You can find more information at WS-37397 Error code (mostly means that PSN doesn’t like your IP).What to do if you account is banned or suspendedHere are your options if your error code matches the above list.To see the ToS (Terms and Conditions) that you might have violated, visit the PlayStation website. Make sure you check your bank. PlayStation Network takes a strict stance against owing money. If you are temporarily blocked from the PlayStation Network, and your bank has stopped all payments or your account is empty recently, that could be your problem. You can try signing in with a different PlayStation 4 and a browser on your phone or computer. If you are unable to sign in, it may be a problem with your PlayStation or your account. Call PlayStation at 1-800-345-7669.Your account is banned even though you have checked the ToS and are current on your payments. It is time to create a new account.What can you do with a permaban?You may find yourself in a situation where you are permanently banned from the network. According to everything I have heard, only the most serious offenses warrant permanent ban from the network. If you are certain that your suspension/ban was not correct, then call PSN Support.To be kind and patient with your representative is the best advice I can offer. Although it can be frustrating, I believe that the old saying of honey catching flies still holds true. Be polite and persistent and you will hopefully find a solution.PlayStation Support Number: 1-800-345-7669You will not see your PSN account being rebuffed. Unfortunately, I've learned and experienced that the process of getting your account restored can be tedious, exhausting, and frustrating.You can return to PlayStation OnlineThese products will make your online PSN experience as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.