This TikTok Lawyer Went Viral For Pointing Out Sexism

Rachel quit the nightlife business to study law school. She graduated and worked in nightlife while studying for the bar exam. She shared some of her misogynistic and sexist comments with BuzzFeed after becoming an attorney.1. Smile more. You are a bitch.2. It is not appropriate to wear this dress with your body type. Its distracting.3. Lawyer? Are you referring to the paralegal interview?4. Are you sure that you want to become a criminal defense lawyer? This is not a job for women. It is a difficult job.5. Clients find your looks too distracting6. A young girl is not something to be taken seriously.7. You are not a lawyer. You are a model.8. 8.9. To find a husband, did you go to law school?10. Most likely, you will continue practicing until you are 32. After that, you will be a stay at-home mom.