Street Fighter�s Guile and Cammy are coming to Fortnite

Epic Games has added two Street Fighter icons to Fortnite. In February, the game added two new skins, the playable Chun-Li, and Ryu skins. Soon, Guile, and Cammy skins, will be available in the games' item shop. These skins will be available for purchase starting at 8PM ET on August 7th. Both skins look amazing to me. I am a big fan of Guiles's ridiculously flat-topped hair. Round 2. Round 2. Two new challengers are announced! Guile and Cammy, both @StreetFighter, are on their way to the Island. Learn about their upcoming Cosmetic Sets as well as the Cammy Cup, where you can enter to win her Outfit. : Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 3, 2021 You can see two variations of each skin below. You can also compete in the Cammy Cup, which takes place on August 5th. Epic has added skins based on Bloodsport, a DC Comics character, to Fortnite's Tuesday night event. This skin is in advance of The Suicide Squad's release. In-game, you can see a countdown clock to Ariana Grande's concert series that starts on August 6th at 6PM ET. Tuesday morning dataminers discovered audio in the game for an unreleased emotive featuring DaBaby. DaBaby has been under scrutiny for his homophobic comments last Wednesday. Epic, however, declined to comment to The Verge about the audio.


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