Grading the Biggest Deals from Day 2 of NBA Free Agency

David Banks/Associated Press Monday's launch of the 2021 NBA free agency was a success. The deals continued to come on Day 2. The NBA's annual moratorium ends on August 6. The league has been busy with teams since setting the salary cap for 2021-22 at $112.414 millions and the threshold for luxury-tax at $136.606 Million. Which deals are most important from Day 2? How do the teams rate them? Below are some deals and grades that we have for you. DeMar DeRozan to the Chicago Bulls Sign-and-Trade Three years, $85 Million via Adrian Wojnarowski at ESPN Analyse The Chicago Bulls have restructured their roster through free agency. They brought in Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso, and now DeMar DeRozan, to compliment All-Stars Zach LaVine, and Nikola Vucevic. The Bulls could have used their cap to extend LaVine (who will be an unrestricted, free agent next summer), but instead they tried to create a team that would convince him to resign. DeRozan is a veteran scorer who can be dynamic and effective despite not being able to make a three-point shot. Hell helps to stop LaVine's defenders. DeRozan looked like he was going to be frozen out of the market as cap space is tightening around the league. DeRozan was instead offered a $85 million three-year deal by Chicago. The Spurs will get a productive player in Thaddeus Youth, an Al-Farouq Aminu-sized wing defender, and two second-rounders. Grade A- Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles Lakers Wojnarowski: $2.6 Million for a year Analyse Carmelo Anthony is not a star scorer at this stage in his career. However, the Los Angeles Lakers needed some bench scoring to replace the loss of Kyle Kuzma who was heading to Washington Wizards as part of the package for Russell Westbrook. Anthony is LeBron James' closest friend, so the move was also a chemistry building tool that James strongly supported. Ashley Landis/Associated Press Anthony was having some difficulties with Kurt Rambis, the current Lakers executive. Rambis deserves credit for not allowing any of this to stop Melo from joining the Lakers. Grade B Rudy Gay to Utah Jazz Shams Charania, The Athletic, 2 years, $12.1 Million Analyse Rudy Gay, like Carmelo Anthony isn't in his prime but has evolved into a productive reserve (most notably with the San Antonio Spurs). The Utah Jazz will have a veteran scorer who can both shoot and defend. The Jazz re-signed Mike Conley after Derrick Favors was sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder to be paid. This placed them in luxury-tax territory. Gay will be granted the taxpayer mid-level exemption, which is the biggest spending tool the Jazz have at their disposal. Grade B+ Steph Curry will continue with the Golden State Warriors Wojnarowski: Four years, $215 Million Analyse The Golden State Warriors signed a huge four-year extension worth $215 million with Stephen Curry. It was a great deal. Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press Curry led the Warriors to three consecutive championships in the last seven years. He's a huge draw locally as well as nationally. The Warriors will pay huge luxury-tax bills if they choose. Curry's pockets won't be able to pay for that. The Warriors have not been able to reach their former dynastic heights. Klay Thompson, however, should be back from two serious injuries. They just missed the playoffs last season. Golden State should be relevant for the next half decade by locking up Curry. Grade A Patty Mills to Brooklyn Nets Wojnarowski: Two years, $12.1 Million Analyse Patty Mills, a veteran closer who is cold-blooded, is Patty Mills. The majority of games are won in five minutes or less, so the Brooklyn Nets have added an expert to their roster. Darren Abate/Associated Press Mills is expected to take Brooklyn's taxpayer-mid-level exception, Brooklyn's largest spending tool, in preference to a similar offer by the Los Angeles Lakers. Over the first 24 hours, bigger names received larger deals. However, this deal could turn a playoff series around and possibly even a championship. Grade A Los Angeles Lakers Add Depth, Lose Morris, Drummond Talen Horton Tucker returns to the Lakers ($32 Million, three years) Wojnarowski : B+ Kendrick Nunn to The Lakers ($10 Million, Two Years) Haynes: B+ Markieff Morris to Miami Heat ($2.6 Million, one-year) Wojnarowki : Andre Drummond to Philadelphia 76ers ($2.4 Million, One Year) Wojnarowski Malik Monk to The Lakers ($1.8 Million, One Year) Wojnarowski : B+ Los Angeles Lakers missed Mills, but reacted quickly to get Nunn from the Heat. Nunn is less experienced and younger than Mills but has NBA Finals experience. L.A. also reached a reasonable-but-not-cheap deal to bring back Horton-Tucker and added another young, inexpensive shooter in Monk. Drummond will be leaving the Lakers to go to Philadelphia. There he'll replace Dwight Howard, who is replacing him in L.A. as Joel Embiids backup for the 76ers. Morris will provide Miami with an experienced bench presence.


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