Passenger Arrives Taped to His Seat After Assault of 3 Flight Attendants

On Sunday, Mr. Berry was taken into Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. He was released the next day. The department did not have any information on the court date.According to the criminal complaint, Berry ordered his third alcoholic drink on the flight. He then brushed his empty cup against the back of a flight attendant. The flight attendant said that Berry shouldn't touch him.After spilting his drink, Mr. Berry was ushered from the toilet by a flight attendant. He then asked him to get fully dressed. After Mr. Berry was helped by the flight attendant to take his shirt from his carry-on bag, he walked around the cabin for approximately 15 minutes.According to authorities, Berry was groping another flight attendant's breasts. She told him to stop and to just sit down. Officers stated in the criminal complaint that Berry later placed his arms around two of the flight attendants and groped them.Officers approached a male flight attendant and asked him to calm down.Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants stated in a Tuesday statement that this incident was among the most disruptive for airline crews this season.