Best hybrid smartwatches 2021

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android CentralIt is for whom? The Fossil Men's Collider HybridHR is a fashionable watch with a solid set features. The model doesn't have a touchscreen so you will navigate with the three buttons to your left. You can choose from black-brown with leather bands, smoke with stainless steel bands, or silver with a black silicone band. This hybrid smartwatch will provide you with a heart rate sensor, as the name implies. This Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch provides basic activity tracking, smartphone notifications and a customizable display. The battery life of this smartwatch is amazing at two weeks. Fossil CarlieFossilIt is for whom? Fossil smartwatches are not only for men. This elegant rose gold model is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a day of activity or a night of glamour. The Fossil Carlie Hybrid Smartwatch will give you the best of both the worlds. There's no need to worry about being limited to one band or charging. The model offers all of the basic activity tracking you would expect from a smartwatch hybrid. This Fossil smartwatch is the best for people who don't mind sacrificing fashion for functionality. Withings Steel HRSource: Android CentralIt is for whom? Withings Steel HR is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts. Withings Steel HR will provide all the information you need, including heart rate monitoring. Connected GPS displays a map of your session, along with distance, elevation, pace, and more. You will find all the important data on the OLED display: distance, calories and heart rate. Garmin Vivomove HRGarminIt is for whom? Garmin VvomoveHR is the perfect watch for you if you are serious about improving your overall health and fitness. This watch offers wellness monitoring tools, as well as activity and heart rate monitoring. Access to stress monitoring and relaxation timers to assist you in managing stress will be available. It also includes advanced sleep monitoring and REM sleep details. Fossil Men’s Latitude Hybrid Human ResourcesFossilIt is for who? This smartwatch is the perfect hybrid for anyone who wants a unique design and stands out from the rest. Fossil Men’s Latitude HybridHR lets you control music, get smartphone notifications, track your activities, and more. The Fossil Latitude HybridHR smartwatch is perfect for tracking your workouts and heart rate. Fossil Women’s Monroe HybridHRFossilIt is for whom? It shouldn't surprise that the Fossil Women's Monroe HybridHR does all you need. With a touch of fashion and a timeless feminine design, it's easy to use. Just like all the Fossil options. This watch is perfect for people who want to keep it simple but also love the design. It will provide 2+ weeks of battery, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, customizable buttons, and notifications for your smartphone that sound gently on the wrist. There are many stunning options available, including silver mesh and rose gold mesh as well as gold mesh or rose rose gold, black leather, and gold mesh. Withings movesSource: Android CentralIt is for who? The Withings Move is a revolutionary product that has taken the world by storm. It offers everything you need at a very affordable price. You can track your activity, sleep, and Smart Wake-Up. It also has a silent alarm, connected GPS, and an 18-month battery. You can track distance and calories burned. These features are all very affordable, so you can't beat them. Garmin Vivomove 3SGarminIt is for who? It allows you to enjoy a traditional timepiece with secret access to smartwatch functions. Garmin Vivomove 3S allows you to do exactly that. This beautiful stainless steel hybrid features a hidden touchscreen that appears only when you need it. The Garmin Vivomove Style 3S is a smaller version of the Garmin Vivomove Style 3S. The 39mm and 42mm cases for these smartwatches are available. In addition to an impressive five days of battery life, you also have access to connected GPS, heart-rate monitoring, activity/sleep/stress tracking, and more. Although it might seem expensive for a hybrid, the quality materials and long list of features make it worth every penny.Fossil Men's Collider HybridHR is a favorite of staff. If you love traditional watches, but want a few useful smartwatch features, the Fossil Men's Collider HybridHR is the right choice. The battery lasts for 2+ weeks and features activity tracking, notifications, heart rate monitoring, and notifications. Amazon: $195Walmart: $195Fossil Women's Monroe HybridHR Fashionable Timepiece Track the basics in style Access to multiple time zones, activity and sleep tracking, two weeks of battery life, multiple time zones and more. You can also get it in many different colors. This smartwatch is perfect for women who love fashion and are looking for the best hybrid smartwatch. Amazon: Starting at $179