Spirit Airlines and American Airlines cancel hundreds of flights.

Spirit Airlines and American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights Tuesday, after several days of disruptions that frustrated passengers all across the country.According to FlightAware, an aviation data company, Spirit had cancelled more than half of its scheduled flights by midafternoon. On Monday, the airline cancelled more than 40% of its flights and on Sunday it cancelled 19%. Spirit blamed a variety of operational and weather problems for the disruptions.American had cancelled about 300 flights on Tuesday afternoon, which was about one tenth of all scheduled Tuesday trips. About 18% of the airline's Monday flights were cancelled, while 9 percent had been cancelled the day before. American blamed the weekend storm at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (the airline's large hub airport) for the cancellations.On Sunday night, a severe storm erupted in Dallas Fort Worth, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and lightning to the largest hub. A spokesman for Curtis Blessing said that it was causing hail damage. Flight delays, cancellations, and nearly 100 diverts were all possible because of the nine-hour weather phenomenon. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day.