Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry gets 4-year, $215M NBA extension

Stephen Curry, a two-time NBA MVP and three time champion, has signed a four year, $215 million contract extension to the Golden State Warriors. This makes him the first player to sign two contracts worth $200 million or more, according to Jeff Austin, Octagon Basketball's agent.Curry will renew his contract at $45.8 million, which is $261 million more than his salary in 2021-22.Octagon will be the one to negotiate the largest total contract (Giannis Antitokounmpo for five years, $228 Million) and the highest annual average salary (Curry for $54 Million) during the past seven months.This deal ties Curry (33), to the Warriors for the remainder of his prime. It also solidifies the team's pursuit of a fourth NBA championship in the Curry era, with a core of All-Stars Klay Thomson and Draymond green.Curry enjoyed a remarkable season. He won his second scoring title with 32 points per game and was named first-team All NBA for the fourth consecutive year. Curry, who is starting his 13th season as a Warriors player, continues to be regarded as one of the most outstanding offensive players in NBA history.